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Dramatic soundtrack music

Epic music compositions for YouTube and Instagram influencers, for the advertising and the film industry and for video game development by soundtrack composer Johann Wurmseder and collaborators. European-style orchestral, hybrid/pseudo-synthetic, or medieval-style compositions.

Example #1, Project Gretti,
6 variations on 1 movie trailer:

  ↻ Gretti: First You Gravitate

  ↻ Gretti: Then You Vocalise

  ↻ Gretti: Natural Force

  ↻ Gretti: Rhythmic Aeon

  ↻ Gretti: Melodic Aeon

  ↻ Gretti: Bleeding Edge Orchestra

↻ Example #2, A Farewell Serenade (flexibly editable orchestral trailer soundtrack)

Social media content creation

Social media content consulting

ETA: July 2019

Focussing on:

  • target audience research
  • integrity of content (social networks vs. website)
  • bleeding-edge video editing style
  • hassle-free soundtrack licensing

Decentralised proof-of-existence systems

Proof-Of-Existence (poe/) records on the Namecoin blockchain for any type of webpage-related visual or audio artwork. Other uses of Namecoin: naming for Zeronet, a decentralised serverless webhosting network. Decentralised DNS (.bit TLD).

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