—  a non-commercial project founded in 2004 for hosting artwork released under a Creative Commons
or similar license, and for the proliferation of the "Free and Open-source" ideals for arts-related software tools.

Dramatic soundtrack music

Epic music compositions for video game development, youtube creators, the advertising and the film industry by soundtrack composer Johann Wurmseder or friends. European-style orchestral, hybrid/pseudo-synthetic, or medieval-style compositions.

Example #1, Project Gretti,
6 variations on 1 movie trailer:

  ↻ Gretti: First You Gravitate

  ↻ Gretti: Then You Vocalise

  ↻ Gretti: Natural Force

  ↻ Gretti: Rhythmic Aeon

  ↻ Gretti: Melodic Aeon

  ↻ Gretti: Bleeding Edge Orchestra

↻ Example #2, A Farewell Serenade (flexibly editable orchestral trailer soundtrack)

↻ Example #3, Cassini — She's In Everyone Of Us (lyrics-based mainstream/chambermusic crossover)

Realistic and surrealistic visual media production

ETA 2019

Decentralised proof-of-existence systems

Proof-Of-Existence (poe/) records on the Namecoin blockchain for any type of webpage-related visual or audio artwork. Other uses of Namecoin: naming for Zeronet, a decentralised serverless webhosting network. Decentralised DNS (.bit TLD).

Example ↻

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